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ACT Prep and Test Anxiety

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For teenagers with test anxiety, one of the bigger challenges in school may be the American College Test, or ACT. This is a standardized test that determines how much information high school students have understood up to grade twelve. This test is regarded as an extremely effective means to figure out not only the education level the student has obtained, but also how effective the high school has been in providing that education.

Usually, the test is administered first during the student’s junior year and then again in the senior year. Registering for the ACT by mail or on-line, a student may take the test as many times as he or she chooses. The basic test covers multiple choice questions for Math, Science, Reading and English. If chosen, there is an ACT Plus Writing test which includes an essay section. Many colleges require this latter test, so it’s best to check the requirements of the student’s chosen schools. If the student is nervous about the upcoming test, then a good way to address his or her nerves is to experience the test through an online ACT prep test.

There are several good sites available online that will allow a student to become comfortable with the style of questions through study games and sample essays, and so on.

Some nerves before a test is a common experience for people, and, in most cases, may even be healthy, allowing students to focus and improve their performance. Some times, though, the anxiety can be distracting for students, and for those, it’s best to keep in mind a few key points regarding common reasons for this problem.

If you’re anxious because either you’re worried you’ve finished studying and others are still working, or that others are finished, and you’re still not, know that the pace of study varies for everyone. You can’t judge how ready you are by how ready someone else is.

If you’re anxious because the exam seems vital to your future life, you’ll want to keep in mind that no one’s entire future rests simply on one exam. Not everyone will succeed every time at all exams; that’s a fact of life. Instead of dwelling on this point, consider different methods to achieve your goal rather than simply moving on a direct line from A to B.

If you’ve frozen on exams in the past and you’ve noticed a pattern developing, then know, too, that being anxious can cause more anxiety. If you allow it, freezing up can become a chronic problem. There are relaxation techniques that use deep breathing exercises; a minute or two spent focused on your breathing, in fact, can help calm you, and may help with being anxious during a test.

Remember, the student is not alone in this anxiety. There are sites designed to help and overcome it at many universities, such as the University of Central Florida.

guest post by Naomi Kennedy, a blogger who writes about education and financial topics. She has written about taxes, higher education, and explained the basics of accounting on sites like www.veriticonsulting.com.

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  1. Most people don’t relish the thought of taking an exam, especially one like the ACT but it is true that your future doesn’t rest on one test. The fact that you can take it as many times as you like and there are so many resources to help you study and do well should help ease some of your nerves about taking it.

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