26 Jun

The Struggle of Paying for Medical Costs

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have had mounting medical bills, and no way to pay the thousands of dollars you’re being billed all the time? Have you had letters constantly coming in the mail reminding you that you’re past due on your bills, and need to pay now? For millions of Americans, the health care system is a double-edged sword. First, they get the care they need, care that is among the best in the world. But if they have no insurance, or minimal insurance, and no financial assets like stocks or money mutual funds, then they may find that the costs of healthcare put them in tens of thousands of dollars in debt.… Read the rest

22 Feb

Journaling for Mental Well-Being

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The 2007 film “Freedom Writers” is the true story of an inner city English teacher named Erin Gruwell who made numerous breakthroughs with her students by employing teaching methods that were ambitious and even a little risky. One such risky move involved assigning each student to start keeping a journal. The movie showcases some of the entries made in these journals and it is obvious that the effect it had on the students who wrote them was life-changing. What happened in the lives of some of those students was typical of the effects journaling has on anyone who takes on the task.… Read the rest

19 Feb

FDA Warning About Acetaminophen

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When you have a headache or body aches, do you go straight to the medicine cabinet for some Tylenol? If so, the Food and Drug Administration is saying, “Not so fast.” According to a new report from the FDA, if you are taking a dose over 325 milligrams, you may be taking too much and doing more harm than good to your body. While the FDA has been warning consumers about the dangers of too much Acetaminophen for decades, they have now put a new number where the unhealthy levels of Acetaminophen begin.… Read the rest

13 Jan

Preventative Health Care for Men & Women

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All of us desire to have guaranteed good health forever, but that’s not reality.  Unfortunately as we get older our bodies begin to have problems and certain activities that we participate in can increase those problems.  To maintain good health and continue enjoying life and the activities that we love we need to make the most of preventative care.

Statistically men are at higher risk for health problems because they are more likely to smoke and drink, more likely to participate in risky behavior and less likely to seek medical attention. … Read the rest

02 Jan

Flu Season Facts & Tips

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In the winter months we often experience symptoms of sickness. It may be a simple cold or it could be the flu.  You know you have the flu if you have muscle aches, severe cough (that may be accompanied with chest pain), fatigue and a possible fever.  Unfortunately the flu is a virus and cannot be treated with antibiotics.  There are things that you can do to feel better and even to prevent yourself from contracting the flu to begin with.

If you feel you have the flu, the best thing to do is to stay home and rest. … Read the rest

02 Aug

ACT Prep and Test Anxiety

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For teenagers with test anxiety, one of the bigger challenges in school may be the American College Test, or ACT. This is a standardized test that determines how much information high school students have understood up to grade twelve. This test is regarded as an extremely effective means to figure out not only the education level the student has obtained, but also how effective the high school has been in providing that education.

Usually, the test is administered first during the student’s junior year and then again in the senior year.… Read the rest

19 Jul

Exercise During a Long Drive

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Summertime finds many people hitting the highways for road trip vacations.  They may be driving to an annual family reunion or simply taking the kids to an amusement park holiday or visiting the mountains or beach.  In addition to boredom and the inevitable “are we there yet” refrain from children, many drivers (and passengers) find themselves stepping out of the car with stiffness and soreness when they reach their destination.

There are several exercises you can perform to combat stiffness, muscle strain and soreness.  They generally fall into two categories: exercises performed in the car and exercises performed before/after driving.… Read the rest

11 Jul

Mercury: Gods, Planets, Cars and Repairs

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Humans have always been fascinated with the heavens; whether through astronomy or astrology, men and women have looked to the skies and felt the influence of these paradoxical objects — stars and planets that appear incredibly small, but turn out to be fantastically large; it’s no wonder that even as the world changed from the horse and carriage era to the era of automobiles, that these manufacturers would want to incorporate the heavens into their Earth-bound vehicles.

In the 1930s, when interest in the solar system was growing, Edsel Ford, the son of Henry Ford, introduced a brand to be placed between the Ford Deluxes and the Lincoln Zephyrs.… Read the rest

14 Jun

Using Biofeedback to Guide Thoughts

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The ability to control one’s own thoughts may very well be the single-most rewarding challenge a life can hold. It holds the key to every kind of liberation there is, and is what the lessons of all the great spiritual teachers were getting at. It may very well be that ultimately, it’s impossible, that those who can actually achieve it no longer live in the world. But it does seem as though there are some people who have found a way to live in a state of near-perpetual enlightenment .… Read the rest

14 Jun

Always Use Your CPAP Machine

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Bad habits seem so much easier to form than good habit. That’s because bad habits are built on immediate gratification. People satisfy an urge and it feels good, proving instant positive reinforcement that trains their mind to repeat the activity. Good habits tend to result in delayed gratification, or in no gratification at all. They may provide financial, emotional, or physical benefits that are removed from the actual activity, which makes it more difficult to train the body to adopt the habit.

Take for example the use of a CPAP machine.… Read the rest